Arts Board Match is curated for business professionals and entrepreneurs to gain easy access to a resource of vital information about non-profit boards and highlights the powerful benefits of joining a board. Open our in depth TOOLKIT to get an overview about what board members do, find a survey you can take to find the type of board that would be best for you and learn about the amazing business benefits for becoming active on a board. We also provide you with a list of questions before you join a board. When you connect with one of our arts groups and set up a meet and greet you will be knowledgeable.

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What Does A Board Do?

The board is the governing body for the nonprofit. It sets policy and provides resources for the group. Here is an overview. Setting the policy for the organization.

  • Creating or updating the mission and vision statements.
  • Determining the organization’s programs and services.
  • Developing and approving the strategic plan at annual board planning retreat.

Developing Resources for the organization:

  • Developing and approving the annual budget
  • Fundraising, by directly donating to the non-profit and soliciting donations from others.
  • Raising sufficient funds for the organization.
  • Having a written giving policy for the board

Monitoring the organization’s operations:

  • Soliciting and reviewing program evaluations.
  • Working with and providing support to the executive Troubleshooting as necessary. Serving as a public figure for the organization
  • Advocating for the organization.
  • Doing outreach with your clients, colleagues and with other organizations on behalf of the group.

Fulfilling other board responsibilities

  • Documenting policies and decisions to create an organizational memory.
  • Preparing for and attending board meetings.
  • Researching and discussing issues before decisions are made.
  • Keeping the board vibrant and active by suggesting and vetting potential new members