What Is Arts Board Match and How Does It Work?

The Arts & Business Council launched Arts Board Match as an innovative program to ignite arts boards with new members and new vitality. It’s like a dating website for board matches. With over 1,000 arts organizations, Miami-Dade has one of the most exciting cultural communities in the U.S. Involvement on an arts board is only one click away. Using a ground-breaking and innovative technological platform we harness the power of the internet to connect nonprofit arts boards needing board members to business professionals who wish to serve in these important leadership roles. It’s the dynamic new resource you cannot ignore! Click the registration button to get started.

3 Simple Steps to Your Perfect Match

Step 1: Sign up so we can help you find your perfect board

Step 2: Visit Board Marketplace page.

Click on groups that interest you to see their full profile overview. Visit websites of groups you like.

Step 3: Click connect me button at the bottom of the snapshot page for the 2 or 3 groups you want to explore. You will receive an email from the group to set up a phone meeting and learn more.

About The Arts & Business Council

For 30 years the Arts & Business Council has led the movement to keep the arts in business by sustaining the cultural community through high-impact collaborations. We provide significant capacity building to Miami-Dade’s cultural organizations helping grow the arts grow into a billion dollar industry.

Through research, training and arts engagement, ABC serves as an effective catalyst for building synergistic alliances that give business a competitive advantage. As Miami’s only organization that leverages the arts for economic vitality, the Arts & Business Council is committed to nurturing significant outreach with business that provide meaningful engagement opportunities with the arts to inspire employees, stimulate innovation and foster creativity.

Want to connect with the arts? Click here arts at www.ArtsBizMiami.org